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Poker Card Protector Graphic Guidelines for Engraving

We accept the following type of images for engraving:


.jpg, .gif, .eps, .tif, .bmp, .psd, .cdr




All engraving on our poker card protectors is accomplished through a computer guided diamond-drag process where the image supplied is engraved into the poker card protector. We do require good resolution images that are black and white only and do not contain color. An image that is less than 20Kb is size and at 72dpi resolution will likely result in a very poor reproduction than an image 150KB in size and a 300dpi resolution.


Although we can engrave detail down to a size smaller than the naked eye can recognize, we recommend that the amount of detailin your image(s) is limited to ensure the best looking custom graphic card protector. See our gallery of images available for engraving for samples of types of graphics that engrave well.