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Poker Card Protectors & Poker Card Guards

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A poker card protector is not a device that protects a deck a cards, but rather an item that is placed on top of cards at a card game and protects them from accidentally being "mucked". What does "muck" mean? In poker, mucked cards are those folded and thrown back to the dealer, or into a pile of cards that have been folded by other players. Our poker card protectors weigh a hefty 31 grams, measure 1.5" across, and will hold your cards nicely and look absolutely amazing - customized for you.

Poker Card Protedctor

Why does one need a poker card protector?

There are several reasons for a card protector. The primary one is that you don't want your cards to be accidentally mucked by another player or the dealer. If your hand is accidentally mucked, your hand is dead. You can't retrieve it from the pile of mucked cards. This can happen in a variety of ways:

1. If you sit directly to the left of the dealer (seat #1), the dealer will commonly place all the mucked cards to his left, in a large pile, near your cards. In some instances, he may accidentally place the mucked pile with your cards. Kiss your cards goodbye unless you have a card protector.

2. You have a great hand, and are sitting at a 10 person poker table. Person across from you folds their hands strongly, and their cards slide into your cards that are unprotected. Your hand is now considered dead.

How does one use it?

If you look at your cards immediately after them being dealt, place your protector on top of your cards whether you're going to play the hand or not. If you only place your protector on your cards when you have good enough cards to play, you'll be "telling" your opponents that you have good cards when your protector is on your cards and you have bad cards when you don't put the protector on your cards.

If you are a player that waits until your turn to look at your cards, after you've been dealt your cards, you should place the protector on top of the cards, this will keep the dealer from thinking you have folded and/or mucked your cards. After you look at your cards, and decide to play, put your protector back on top of your cards. If you do no play, simply muck your cards and wait till the next hand.

What do people use?

People use a variety of things to protector their hands. The 2004 WSOP Champion, Greg Raymer, uses a fossil as a protector. Doyle Brunson uses a domino with an image of Ghostbusters (although Doyle calls it "Casper"). Of course, we recommend our sister site, WWW.POKERGUARD.COM if you want top-of-the-line poker card protector, that will become an heirloom, where you have a selection of over 20 protectors to choose from, each made from .999 fine silver.

Poker Card protectors make a unique gift and custom protectors make them one-of-a-kind.

"After a dealer picked up my QQ I started using a protector to protect them."

"I use it when in seat 1 or 10. have seen dealers muck cards from these seats many times from players who did not have some sort of protector on them... "

Watch the video on the right to see an example of a dealer accidentally mucking a player's hand at a WSOP Main Event, and see why you should order a poker card protector today.

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